Mirror, mirror

A friend of mine has set herself a challenge in response to an assignment for her senior seminar for English writing majors.

The assignment is something to the effect of coming up with something out of the ordinary to do, and consistently doing that thing over the period of five academic weeks. One of her classmates is sleeping in his car every night. Another is attempting to remain shoeless throughout the duration of the period. And just yesterday, a girl in one of my lit classes caught my attention (and that of the prof) with the miniature human skeleton she had sitting in her lap. When questioned, she simply replied: “It’s for senior sem.”

Taking a break on the weekends is an option, but my friend has decided to try to maintain her unusual action throughout the whole five weeks of the assigned period, weekends included, reasoning that it will make the overall effect more powerful. I agree. And I’ve also decided to try it with her.

So today is Day 2 of (hopefully) 25 (and counting..) in which my friend and I are abstaining from looking in mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

So far, I’ve been surprised at how disconcerting it has felt to go even one day without looking in a mirror. Guess I didn’t realize I was that attached. I also feel kind of tense-like I need to constantly be on the alert for unexpected mirrors or mirror-like things to crop up in my path. It’s surprising how many places I’ve encountered the possibility of seeing my own image reflected back to me throughout the day…I’ve had other mirror-related thoughts already, too, but have other things to turn my attention to at the moment…So! There you have it: a challenge, a new experiment, and the bare beginnings of an attempt.

Updates to follow.


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