Introducing Humphrey

At the suggestion of my third lovely roommate (not cited in this blog prior to now), I am doing a post about Humphrey. A brief post.

Humphrey is our fifth (and only male) roommate. He mostly lives on our kitchen table, but he is not rarely seen frequenting our living room coffee table as well. He doesn’t say much, save when he is recruited as a source of echoing back-up for a stressed college girl and her silly antics, he is Dutch, and he is made of ceramic, with a bluish glaze with spots of brown showing through. And Humphrey is a Whale.

I originally got Humphrey from my mother. I’m not sure where she got him from, but after this, I’ll be sure to ask sometime soon. Perhaps it’ll be the inspiration for another post: “Humphrey, a history,” or “The heartwarming history of Humphrey,” or the like.

Oh! I almost forgot. One last important detail about Humphrey: his personality type. We’ve conclusively decided that Humphrey is an INTP. His dry, sometime sarcastic, sense of humor certainly seems to confirm this so far. I’m anticipating the privilege of further revelations into Humphrey’s character as the year progresses.

But for now, back to homework! Humphrey makes a wonderful study companion for multiple reasons, not the least of which is one of his most amiable and salient traits: silence.


One Comment

  1. Humphrey came from Freeport Maine, right near LL Bean. Had to have him, he is a Sperm Whale. He caught my eye when I was there with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Amy. We stopped in Freeport on our way home from Chebeague in 1986 after helping Great Grandma close up the cottage in October. For some reason I just had to have Humphrey. Grandma and I did go on a whale watch that following spring in Cape Cod. That was a blast 🙂


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