(another) Word of the Day

Amenable (adj.): 1. responsive to advice, authority, or suggestion; willing 2. Responsible to higher authority; accountable/answerable 3. susceptible or open, as to testing, criticism, or suggestion 4. likely to listen, cooperate, etc. 5. capable of being/liable to be tested; judged, etc.

some synonyms: compliant, tractable, responsible

If you recall, a little while ago I mentioned in a post how one of my professors challenged my class to actively pursue learning more words on a daily basis. Since then, my roommates and I have had 27 different words of the day – not quite one per day, but close. I’m glad we’re being amenable in this case; so far, it’s been fun. If you’re looking for something new to spice up your daily existence a bit, I suggest trying a similar experiment yourself – maybe even start with a word of the week, like these two bloggers?

Have fun.



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