It’s POURING outside.

It has been, on and off, all day, but now it’s really going. The whole works: real, proper bolts of lightening barbing frequently across the muddy sky, the timapani of the thunder sounding ominously beneath, incessantly accompanied by the sheet music of the rain…which is literally coming down in sheets. OK, bad pun. Oops. But anyway, it is storming-properly storming-and I am alone in my apartment on this tempestuous afternoon.

It’s a delicious feeling.

I love this weather, as long as I have nowhere to be. (I’m seriously tempted to skip my night class tonight; don’t worry, Mom, I’m taking this one Pass/Fail.) Weather like this makes me feel creative, inspired to do or create…I don’t know what. Something beautiful.

Apparently I’m not the only one inspired by such weather. Just think of all the writers who have situated great love scenes in their stories in the middle of a downpour. Here are just a few examples from literature/movies:

There’s probably more examples, but these are the ones immediately coming to mind at the moment.

So. We can conclude that rain is for lovers, and for writers.

It is also for children (and the child-like in heart)-to play and to splash and to dance in, to dash through. One of my all-time favorite memories from my days counseling at Beaver Camp was a day like this one. Pouring rain has a way of interrupting the usual routine one has planned. After enjoying rainy-day activities indoors for a couple hours (including a pillow fight, coloring, and reading from a Narnia book), my campers and I joined other cabin groups and their counselors in a fantastic, post-storm puddle-jumping festival. We got soaked, we ran and splashed til we were tired, and we had a blast.

Rain also has a way of joining people together. I was a new transfer at my school last year, with a new roommate, and it happened to start pouring one evening early on in the semester just as she and I were headed to dinner. We looked at each other, and together, began dashing through the rain towards the dining hall, where we arrived shortly, soaked, a mess, and in good spirits. It was one of our initial bonding moments as roommates and friends.

Do you have any fun memories in the rain you’d like to share? Any downpour-inspired imaginings? Please feel free to share them in the comments. (Also, does anyone know any good rainy-day poems?) Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a rainy afternoon to continue enjoying.



  1. Your writing continues to be awesome, Bekah! Thinking of you as classes wind down and you near the end of your journey at Wheaton! May you feel God’s presence.


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