Wild Week Two: Wilderness Prep; Staff Training; Lifeguard Training

This week pretty much consisted of what the title states. I’ve participated in six different sessions of staff training for summer camps over the past seven years, but lifeguard training was completely new for me; and actually, lifeguard training was something I never really expected to do. It was kind of fun, and definitely challenging. (If you’ve ever done a line test in a lake, I’m sure you can identify.) I have a feeling that between stuff like that and the various hiking and canoe trips I’ve already been on/will be on this summer, it’s going to be one that is affirming in terms of what I can physically do. And I’m not always one to push myself physically, so I think it’ll be “good for me,” in that grand, old-fashioned sense that means it’ll be hard work and not always completely pleasant, but “it’ll build your character!” …Which, in all seriousness, I heartily support–character building, I mean.

Let’s see…hands-on skills that I got to work at during this week included covering the ends of a canoe with duct tape to protect it if/when it scrapes against things, as it inevitably will, and using an old sewing machine to secure straps onto frame packs used for carrying canoes and dry bags through portages.

One challenging aspect of my summer position is that I am totally out of the loop in regards to news. Internet access (and that to radio, newspaper, etc.) constitutes only a brief part of the week for me, which is mostly fine, but it also means that I have little to no clue as to what’s going on in the wider world out there…I suppose I’ll catch up with current events in August. Reading opportunities are also slim, which for me is kind of a bummer, but I also suppose that I’ll appreciate it all the more when I get back into it in the fall. What one needs is a good balance of physical activity and hands-on work and reading, and not an excess or scarcity of one or the other…



  1. On a quiet Sunday afternoon I have enjoyed reading your blog posts. I totally appreciate those character building opportunities you mentioned! Training for the triathlon was one for me and now on the other side I am so glad I committed to it, I am sure you will feel similarly at the end of the summer. Blessings!


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