Wild Week Five: Jr High Canoe

For starters, this week was MUCH less buggy; they were still certainly annoying, but at least much more bearable. Thank goodness.

On Monday, we packed up, headed out from base camp, and canoed just a bit on the Swan Lake system to the site where we camped the first night. I ate a disgusting amount of corn dogs, and we had fun playing hacky-sack and electricity with the campers.

me carrying a canoe on a portage
me carrying a canoe on a portage

Tuesday, we canoed a bit further to a spot on Swan Lake, where we stayed Tuesday night, all of Wednesday, and Wednesday night. An event (at least somewhat) worth noting is that I almost lost the U-Dig-It. I had taken it to the woods to use it for its nominal purpose (digging a hole), decided it was buggy enough that I wanted my mosquito net, which was back at my tent, so like the genius I am, I left the U-Dig-It and attending accessories in the woods, went back for my net, returned to the woods, and promptly commenced a frantic search for the ziplock bag and contents I had left in there…somewhere. About 15 minutes later I finally stumbled upon it; good thing too-I was almost convinced I was going to have to buy the Wilderness Program a new one.

Between swimming, games of Mafia and Resistance, campfires, eating, and a lot of quality hanging out, the Swan Lake stay was quite enjoyable.

Thursday we canoed to the portage to the Moose River, portaged to the Moose, and then canoed quite a ways down the river. After camping on the river Thursday night, we canoed the rest of the way to the take-out yesterday, and then enjoyed a packed-full evening back at base camp, including lots of food and time in the hot tub.

bend of the Moose
bend of the Moose

Next up: TWO-week canoe…oh boy!



  1. Ah Bekah I love this! haha I laughed about you leaving the shove. I miss you and we’ll have to somehow swap stories after the summer 🙂


  2. Bekah, you are a great storyteller. I laughed out loud about the U-Dig-it being lost. Glad to hear the bugs were better this week. And answer to prayer I am sure. So was the “Oh boy” comment something fun you were looking forward to or something fun but maybe a bit long with less looking forward to it feelings? Either way I hope it is great and that you and all the campers will be blessed.


  3. Hey Becka, Love your blogs. I can almost feel like I’m there with you minus the mosquitoes. “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” Psalm 8:9. And you’re sure witnessing that. We pray every day for you. Love you…


    1. Thanks Grandma! I actually read that exact Psalm to the campers as a morning verse this past Wednesday…can’t wait to show you pictures, too! And thanks so much for the books you lent me (haha, the wilderness program staff here own copies of both of them, so you know they’re good ones!) and especially for the prayers and love…and for coming to AK and camp in the first place. I’ve thought several times how I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and Grandpa and the choices you’ve made to serve the Lord…love you both.


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