Wild Weekend: Whittier

I got to check out Whittier with the rest of the wilderness staff the other weekend. It was fun. It’s a small fishing town on Prince William Sound that you can only get to by tunnel–apparently the longest tunnel that serves for both vehicle and train traffic in North America, if I’m remembering correctly. Most everybody in town lives in one apartment complex, too. It’s very picturesque, and very remote at the same time.

There’s an old abandoned building there, the Buckner building, that we walked around outside of for a bit. The windows are all broken out, and it’s fairly well dilapidated and covered with graffiti (some of it was interesting, like one Kierkegaard quote I took a picture of)–a perfect setting for a spooky murder mystery scene or something. Apparently someone else thought the same because we ran into a middle-schooler who said she and some others were filming something like that inside. I brought my boots and headlamp, but we were deterred from exploring the building’s innards ourselves by some freshly painted “No Trespassing” signs; but it’s supposed to be pretty cool in there, with water on the ground floors and such.

The Buckner Building in Whittier
The Buckner Building in Whittier
...with some philosophical graffiti
…with some philosophical graffiti


Instead of going in the building, however, we went in an underground tunnel under the train tracks. We also hiked up to where we could see Portage Glacier on one side, and look out over part of Prince William Sound, holding a tour ship and fishing boats, on the other.

overlooking the bay
overlooking the bay

I also bought a pair of gold-colored whale-tail earrings…partly because I just liked them, partly because they made me think of my grandmother’s rather eclectic earring collection and I’m seeking to imitate her style in that department, partly because I got some other really cool earrings in Homer last summer that I’ve worn all year and I wanted to make a similar purchase this summer…and, yes, partly in honor of Humphrey. That was probably WAY more about my earrings than you ever wanted or needed to know.

Whittier was cool to see, but I’m glad I don’t live there.



    1. Grandma! You should know I don’t have a C in my name!!! It’s ALMOST as bad as Anne of Green Gables missing her E…almost 😉 And Humphrey is a ceramic whale that Mom bought in Portland, ME about 25 years ago. I’ve had fun being goofy about him this year, especially with my roommates. I’ll have to officially introduce you when I see you next.


  1. Bekah, it sounds like it was nice to get away for the weekend! It is hard to imagine living in such a small town that nearly all your neighbors lives in the same apartment building, what sort of work so the people there do? What is the school like? Interesting to think about.

    You brought a smile to my face when talking about how the rundown building would be great for a murder mystery, add to that that everyone knows everyone and it starts to sound a lot like a true Clue mystery! (I love playing Clue.)

    Enjoy those earrings, maybe someday you can post a picture of yourself wearing them.



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