N.C.A.: April

April Notes:

The first notes of April came to my ear on the first night of the month, a little after midnight. I was lying in my garret, trying to fall asleep, and not succeeding. Suddenly, my wakefulness was rewarded – or, rather, my sleeplessness consoled – by a single, haunting, stirring note: the one a.m. cry of the first goose of Spring.

Spring. What a word! In Old English, springan, meaning “to leap, burst forth, fly up; spread, grow,” at least according to the Online Etymology Dictionary. This spring, more than ever, I’ve felt why the poets laud spring so much, and understood afresh why spring is such a powerful symbol of new life and re-birth. It is glorious to walk outside once more and feel a breeze that is warm. (And fascinating to walk outside in early April and feel, too, the single cool breeze that is coming across the ice still left in the shade along the edge of the wood along the edge of the long disused railroad tracks.) Mud is glorious. The spring skies are glorious. April has brought the return of the varied blue mantle that the sky wraps itself in only in warmer weather, sweeping the folds across the sky in the period between sunset and total nightfall. (In the magic hours of Dusk.) The woods are peopled (if the word is appropriate here) once more with singing birds. Birdsong. Every where – glory!!

I think my favorite poet of the Spring is Emily Dickinson. Instead of fumbling with further words of my own at the moment, I will close with some of hers:

Spring is the Period
Express from God –
Among the other seasons
Himself abide
But during March and April
None stir abroad
Without a cordial interview
With God –



  1. Here in Alaska last week we came upon The first two Sandhill cranes looking very Tired and hungry. Then this weekend we saw 2 pr. Of geese along the Glenn looking at the seagulls who had returned last week. and they were now dwelling in moose marsh and their Alaska home last year.There goes the neighborhood. The males were Trying to make amends to their mates but they were getting ignored and the look of, “Now , What are we supposed to do! I flew all this way and I Need a nest —right now And I am not living With seagulls. They will drive me nuts And might even eat our babies!”

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