N.C.A. update: tardy May notes

You may have noticed that I failed to post any N.C.A. notes for May. Well. In case you didn’t notice, I’ll inform you now: I failed to post any observations on the North Country for the month of May.

The reason for this neglect is quite simple; I was gone from Northern New York for most of this past month. This meant, of course, that I wasn’t able to observe the progress of May from day to day at home. When I returned on June 1, however, the county was totally transformed – by green.

So I do have some N.C.A. notes for May, though very brief. Here they are: May is a wondrous, miraculous month. It must be, to effect such a total transformation as the one that came over my little corner of NNY while I was away. Amazing what a difference an abundance of new leaves can make, with singing birds hidden away in them.


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