Russian reading recommendation

I just finished reading an amazing short story by the Russian writer Leonid Andreyev called “The Seven Who Were Hanged.” Section V. (“Kiss Him and Be Silent”) literally made me weep. (Like, I was hiding my face behind the book so I wouldn’t freak anybody out, and then be unable to explain my tears adequately, my level of Korean being so low.) It’s only 77 pages long, so if you’re in the mood for a relatively quick but powerful read, this one may be your ticket. For tapping a cracked kettle relevance, especially, there are quite a few pithy references to the inability of words/human language to communicate and bridge the gap between individuals perfectly. And then there’s the best description of restlessness I’ve yet encountered in that of the character Tziganok. And many other great characterizations and moving descriptions besides, and lots of great imagery, especially related to the coming of Spring…

I’m going to stop now because I’m becoming really vague and not even close to doing the story justice.

It’s simply a fantastic read.


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