Whatever You Want


I share this song while also recognizing that, in reality, the imperative it gives – to do whatever you want to do today – is not always, if ever, possible for everyone…for some people, it seldom is, and for others, it’s not at all. I simultaneously recognize that this song is partly imbued with some strong elements of the American Dream – an inspiring vision for some, for sure, (myself included at times) but one that I also have mixed feelings about. So I guess I’m sharing this song not only as a piece of music that I really like, but also as a reminder that many people in the world – including many Americans – are not free to do whatever they want to do in the  sort of way that I would wish them to be, in the same way that I wish for myself…It’s a reminder of this “not yet,” and also an expression for me of a wish/prayer that this might actually be possible for more and more people – and, someday, (soon? eventually? …hopefully??) for everybody.

Hank and Asha (where I first heard this song) is another great movie, by the way.


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