I am…a human being (not a human doing), the first-born child of a teacher and a Zoology major’s five offspring, a daughter, the granddaughter of farmers and football coaches, a descendant of English pilgrims and Ukrainian immigrants, the oldest sibling, a sister, a friend, an American with a jumbled grab-bag mix of gratitude and misgivings, a Bekah not a Becca and certainly NEVER *shudder* a Becky (for others that may be fine, it’s just not me), a whole-hearted supporter of liberal arts education and the philosophy behind it, a young woman still just embracing and finding out what it means for her to be feminist, a rural-loving rambler born and raised with her heart and home among the woods mountains and fields always, from the real New York (as in, the State North of the City), a strange combination of nomad + homebody (= nobody??), an aspiring adventurer and artist/artisan and agrarian, a backpacker, an explorer, a lifelong lover of literature – particularly good stories and poetry, a lifelong learner, an INFJ (almost P), an Individualist on the Enneagram and a “rugged individualist” at heart sympathizing with Thoreau on several points, a deep admirer of Wendell Berry, a recovering Romantic, a beginner advocate of the Beautiful Ordinary, just beginning to contemplate what a contemplative lifestyle means for me, someone who at 13 wanted to be no fewer than a dozen things “when she grew up” and is still pretty much in the same boat (how can one ever decide? – so many good, widely varied, and immensely interesting possibilities!!), a recovering Evangelical kid and now conscious sympathizer with much of Anabaptist Theology and also a lover of liturgy, a part-time worker and a (wannabe) full-time traveler and professional dreamer, a kindred spirit in search of others and of community and of unity among others very different from her, too (eager to engage and embrace the beautiful, messy, dangerous diversity!!), a girl who has always been intrigued by other cultures and languages, a believer in mutually enriching/beneficial cross-cultural relationships, an uncertain political activist, a person with concerns about other people in need (which is really all of us), a Christian interested in ecojustice and earthkeeping and ecology, someone who associates mostly positive things with the words “liberal” and “hippie,” someone growing increasingly comfortable with NOT having it all figured or planned out or even understood, someone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, imperfect, complicated, complex, a writer, a lover of life, more than I know, me. And, incidentally, also a fan of Sherlock Holmes (and other Brit murder mystery detective tales and shows), dark chocolate, and coffee.

–March/April 2015



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