“Man Cannot Live on [Romance] Alone”

Earlier today, stumbled upon this gem of a metaphor of the intricate interplay between romance and domestic/”ordinary” life — I think it can aptly be applied to anything one tries to romanticize unduely, not just love:

 If the flower of romance is plucked from the tree of life, it cannot sustain itself. Asha could also gradually see that there was a weariness, an ennui in their never-ending romance. It seemed to wilt every now and then — it was difficult sustaining it without the firm and liberal support of household life surrounding it. If romance has no link with other activities, play alone cannot bring out its true colours.

A Grain of Sand (Chokher Bali), Rabindranath Tagore


The relationship between “Romance,” or Adventure or the Extraordinary or the Spice of Life or whatever you want to call it, and the “Ordinary,” slash Domestic slash Daily slash Necessary Mundane, is an interdependent one, I think. One requiring skillful balance…


*Note to self prompted by the above (slash attempts at simplifying the concept of and creating an aphorism for ennui):

1. Unrestrained attempts to indulge in pleasure result in ennui.

Or, to rephrase/reformulate the matter,

2. Ennui is (at least sometimes) the result of neglecting healthy, essential limits and overindulging in any one thing that, in its proper place, is actually or originally good.

Not sure my attempts to deconstruct ennui/tedium a bit here are going too hot, but I was never terribly great at formulas in the first place. Nor at aphorisms, for that matter.

…Anyone out there interested and able to come up with anything better? (I mean for a better, killer, really succinct and pithy aphorism on ennui/tedium/boredom.) If so, comment away!


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