from a memo to myself

(Getting back somewhat – albeit a bit delayed – to some thoughts prompted by the happenings in Baltimore in May, with a few other related thoughts thrown in):

4/28 — More and more these days I find myself thinking something along the lines of, “To be an American is a wonderful thing.” Thank God I am finally starting to truly think so, for that is what I (inescapably, for better or worse) am.

4/29 — And then I see stuff about Baltimore [and am reminded of things like the frequency of police violence against young black men, the militarization of the police, etc.]…on [the] news and, once more, I have to reevaluate.

Poem: I Am — Somebody by Rev. Wllm Holmes Borders, Sr. (see also book, Street Gang, on Sesame St.)

I don’t write [on my blog, etc.] to tell other people how to live their lives (which does not mean I don’t hope to positively influence some and help change some minds and hearts, etc.); I write chiefly to help myself discern/know how to best live my own.


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