I’ve been needing to write about Korea.

About my last year (or nearly a year — 10 1/2 months, technically) there — in South Korea, that is.

About how much it wasn’t what I was “looking for” or expecting, either from the program I did or my particular placement…about how many questions I still have that I thought would be a little more answered for me by now. About how I’m still trying to achieve a balance between rejoicing, accepting with gratitude, and being thankful for what was without also compromising honesty, or generating some sort of fake narrative about how “it was such a great, life-changing experience for me.”

Which perhaps it was – that last one, at least: life-changing. (But isn’t everything?) Only, I’m not really aware of the ways how it was so, yet — if I even ever will be.

This isn’t really writing about Korea, I guess. But a bit about post-Korea for me. Or my current post-Korea attitude. Painting with very broad brushstrokes here, I realize.

I find myself constantly sitting at a keyboard or with a notebook open (or any piece of blank paper) in front of me, pen in hand, as if I expect the words to manifest themselves from my fingertips that will, somehow, finally, answer everything.

Or at least just something.

But that’s not how it works. Not really. So – for now – I need to take a break from writing. Again.

Otherwise I’ll drive myself (more) crazy.

(Be back Monday/Tuesday?)



  1. Rebekah,

    I know you have probably picked apples, washed them,
    Cut the bad spots and worms out of them, and cut them up in to pieces. Now…what will you do with them? Eat a few, Freeze some, bake some, cut them for pie,applesauce, then apple butter (if the sauce cooks a long time), maybe you would make cider with them by just pressing them. My Dad would eat everything except the stems! Glory to God for all things! I don’t like bruised apples or worms but I do like cider even hard cider even vinegar! Love you dear cousin! Maybe we could fly somewhere and meet you for sometime camping and hiking together…like Arizona! Put that in your pot and simmer awhile. It’s just an idea and a selfish one at that. Hugs and kisses Aka. Penny


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