strange dreams

I have vivid dreams not that infrequently; they’re often pretty interesting! To me, at least – which is all that really matters, I guess, seeing as I am the only one who dreams them…Ah, dreams! Strange things…Where do they even come from in the first place?? Anyhoo.

This morning I woke up from one such dream; it continued to occupy my thoughts while I hovered in that suspended state of half-sleeping, half-wakefulness for 10 minutes or so. Here’s an attempted description of it:

My brother, Paul, and I were standing on a wooded trail and looking up. We were watching men high up above us in the air as they were building this HUGE, elaborate, giant wooden-rope ladder thing down a mountain. Paul and I literally watched it unfold down the side of the rock, and some workers ride the ladder down its descent, too. And as we watched, more builders and other people were climbing up the slope behind them, preparing to descend via this ladder. I think the mountain was some sort of important place, too, and it was isolated, along with only 2 or 3 other peaks in the surrounding area.

This dream probably stems in part from 3 main influences that I can think of:

  1. My own interest in the woods/frequent recent forest forays and hiking excursions.
  2. The pictures a friend recently posted on Facebook of some extensive (and epic-looking!) climbing in Yosemite. (I’m in kinda serious envy!!)
  3. A scene from an episode I watched last night of a show I’ve been bingeing on a bit, lately (gotta finish all the Seasons before that free trial month w/ Netflix expires…), where 2 of the main characters have a conversation about how working in the woods is preferable to chasing criminals. Or “monsters.”

…Add a possible fourth cause: I also recently finished reading Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire in which he spends quite a few paragraphs (justifiably!) decrying the “development” that has sadly all too often taken place in National Parks and other wilderness areas, which make these areas easily accessible to everyone and their machines (i.e., cars, etc.) with little to no real effort, other than the mindless drive there, required on the part of these motorized tourists. Yeah. Now that I think of it, there seemed to be a touch of a sense of that sort of thing in my dream as well.

My dream…didn’t feel quite sinister. But, a bit sober perhaps.

Ah well! Or maybe it was all just the meatloaf. (Or whatever I ate last night..? Don’t remember. …Jerked pork? Yeah. I think that was it.)

Why am I blogging about all this at all in the first place?

Well – Why not? It seemed highly intriguing to me at 7 something a.m. this morning. Thought I might as well follow through.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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