hello from the road

Taking advantage of internet access to jot down a few brief notes for the annals (so to speak).

So I’ve hit the road! So far so good. Had “I’m leaving on a Jet Plane” in my head as I was making my final packing preparations…and while I was feeling pretty darn scared in the final hours before I left, once I actually did take off – I felt great. (Helped along a lot by some people praying with and for me, too.)

Stayed in Canandaigua the first night on the road with my Uncle Bill and Cheryl. Saw Cheryl’s art studio, which was neat, and enjoyed a walk with my uncle and the dog Trekkin’ – a near twin to our own curly-crazy Polar. (They are brothers.) I was half tempted to steal/stuff the dog into my car and take him along with me…I resisted though. Good thing, too, b/c I’d probably be regretting it about now.

Wed. morning Uncle Billy fed me a great breakfast of two fried eggs and whole-grain (or something) toast I swung by Roberts – some old stomping grounds of mine – to deliver a promised book to a friend, and saw Jarry, ran into Ella and Abby (small campus) and an old professor and a pastor who taught a ministry class I took when I was at Roberts. Had the chance to catch-up a bit with both of them (and they both remembered me! haha), which was fun, and P. Wally passed along some new writers-to-check-out recommendations, too…which I always welcome. 🙂 Then 6 or so hours on the road later, and I was in someplace near Columbus, Ohio, where I enjoyed a fine dinner and the even finer company of Dad’s cousins Ken and Diane. They had some neat stories of all of the different places they have lived – which includes Austria. Also, I learned they enjoy kayaking.

On the road again this morning after a healthy, tasty breakfast of steel cut oats with toasted walnuts, fresh apple pieces, and maple syrup. Headed for Nashville. Drove through Kentucky – the state of “Unbridled Spirit” (and Wendell Berry country!) On a whim (because I’m trying to be open to spontaneity), pulled off at the exit for Mammoth Cave National Park and followed the signs to the N.P. Went on a short tour of Mammoth Passage. Among other interesting facts, the cave was at one point used as a site for a trial T.B. sanatorium, and at another, as a mushroom farm. Neither experiment lasted very long. An important person associated with the history of this longest cave system in the world (405 miles): Stephen Bishop – an African American slave who was the first to explore much of the cave.

Made it to Haley’s in Nashville. She and her boyfriend treated me to some delicious chicken tacos at their favorite place to eat; then Haley and I made cookies. 🙂 Here now. Tired, but happy.


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