the briefest of updates: “stranded”

So I’ve been stranded in Kansas City, MO for a few days now, waiting for a new part for my car to come in…but “stranded” is a bit of an exaggerated term, as I’ve actually been really enjoying staying with my old friend Kimberly and her roommate, Monica, in their tiny but nicely-furnished one-room basement apartment. They’re both dancers! So that’s been fun and educational.

Boo for car repairs :/; Yay for this being the best possible place for me to be “stuck” for a bit, and for seeing old friends and meeting new ones. (Also, I think it’s probably actually for the best that I’ve had no choice but to stay put for the past couple of days or so – between the Paris attacks and the unexpected passing of two of my college lit. professors last week, my heart’s a bit sore and in need of stillness/some more stability, in some form at least, right now.)

Also/In the meantime, while my friends have been dancing and church-hunting in search of a wedding venue for one of them for July, I’ve had a chance to do a bit of hunting of my own, of the job-variety (gah!); and time for a bit more soul-searching, as well…as if I didn’t already do enough of that.

(Prayers for the comfort of the families, students, and coworkers of the Wheaton prof’s who died this past week -and for the Wheaton College Eng. Dept./community as a whole-, as well as for provision for myself of a good and enjoyable job soon would be much appreciated, if you’re the praying type.)

Love to all from Bek!


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