a few funny snippets from my day

During Kindergarten recess today:

me: Do you want me to zip up your coat? *kneeling to do so*
kid: Yeah. Anyway, you’re beautiful.
me *surprised*: Oh! Okay, wow – thank you.
kid: One thousand and seventy-five percent beautiful. *and then a little later* Goodbye, Beautiful!

Now, apparently this particular kindergartner says that sort of thing to “everyone,” (so said another school worker), and he WAS in time-out (for standing on a table in the cafeteria during lunchtime, of all things – I had to check my laughter when the recess monitor told me this), so the possibility that he was attempting bit of brown-nosing can’t entirely be ruled out…but I don’t care — he still made my day. I’m 1,075% sure. (Besides, I think he actually genuinely meant it!)

Subbing does have its perks after all. (Good to be reminded of that today.)


One-side of my father’s phone conversation overheard from my little desk in the upstairs hallway (I can hear a surprising amount from here and in my eaves-and-rafters attic room just above the kitchen):

Dad (speaking of being up in a tree and using a wobbly ladder this afternoon to cut down some hazardous branches): “Even Bekah was concerned.” (about him falling – not the branches)


…and finally, Dad again a little later, after I said something snarky/borderline disrespectful (whoops. it does happen occasionally…) about not being cheap: “I think you got a sense of humor, Bek.”

He’s a fairly gracious guy, that dad.


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