just for kicks

Titles of drafts of posts that were never completed and/or published on here:

  • a bit about the Adirondacks (2016/01/02) [still to come, hopefully]
  • the one about all the drafts (2016/01/02) [the bare beginning of this post]
  • 2015 in review (2015/12/31) [stats on my blogs from this past year]
  • humdinger of a week – Nov. ’15 (2015/11/14) [a rough one for many: car failure, death, Paris]
  • random musing: many kinds of love (2015/10/29) [how broad the human heart]
  • a collection of scattered notes to self: on home (2015/10/29)
  • some songs for now (2015/09/15) [Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out]
  • direction: SW (2015/09/15) [pre-RT]
  • getting more personal – Ramblings (2015/09/08)
  • conservative AND liberals unite! (2015/05/24) [self-explanatory]
  • for Good Friday (2015/03/31) [“”]
  • films worth watching (2015/03/10)
  • notes to self on post-evangelism (2015/02/08)
  • link of interest to me – guy looks like my dad (2015/01/29) [Charles Townes]
  • power of story – menno meal time (2014/10/01)
  • procrastination (2014/10/01)
  • squabbles over new Sherlock Season 3 episode (2014/01/11)
  • Interesting take on Zero Dark Thirty (2013/01/29)
  • Shame (2012/12/29)
  • If I Wasn’t a Christian I’d be a Hippie (2012/12/06)
  • Sir Humphrey’s Ode (2012/12/06)
  • Lincoln (2012/12/06)
  • Confessions of a Post-modern Romantic (2012/10/27) [one of the earliest possible names for this blog]
  • Temptation Exposed (2012/10/25) [on poem of same name by Czeslaw Milosz]
  • A letter to my younger self (2012/09/29)

“Well, I guess I’ll light the lamp and get to work,” said Marilla. “I see plainly that you don’t want to hear what Miss Stacy had to say. You’re more interested in the sound of your own tongue than in anything else.”

“Oh, indeed, Marilla, I do want to hear it,” cried Anne contritely. “I won’t say another word—not one. I know I talk too much, but I am really trying to overcome it, and although I say far too much, yet if you only knew how many things I want to say and don’t, you’d give me some credit for it. Please tell me, Marilla.”

Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery


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