Upcoming: unique Wendell Berry documentary

Like this unusual documentary’s film-maker, I am also a huge Wendell Berry fan…although “fan” really isn’t the right word, as Laura Dunn touches on in this brief video introducing her documentary on the writer/farmer/activist often (and aptly!) called the “prophet of rural America.”

If any of your interests intersect with any of the following areas, I would HIGHLY encourage you to take a look at this five-minute peek of “The Seer”: Food, American cultural studies, rural life, sustainability, conservation, environmentalism, small-scale economics, consumerism, farming, holistic agriculture, or just plain holistic living in general, being Human.

And spread the word! This promising doc. needs some help in order to be finished and produced. And maybe think about supporting it yourself – there are some pretty sweet incentives/rewards if you do…From where I sit, helping make this film happen will be well worth the investment. At least – I really want it to happen!

(P.s. Don’t worry – I don’t plan on making campaigning for your financial support for different specific projects a regular occurrence on this blog at ALL. This is a one-time thing. But this one really matters to me. 🙂 Have a good week, friends!)


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