{marking time; musings}

Yesterday was exactly a year since I left the Dandelion Community in South Korea; tomorrow is exactly one month until I turn 25.

I was thinking today – when I was “supposed” to be listening to something else – how, if I were to live to be 87, like Elie Wiesel, that leaves me with a whopping 62 years to go…SO much can be done with that amount of time! Helpful to keep in mind on those days when I feel anxious about getting older too quickly, or about not having “done enough yet” with the whole quarter of a century I’ve had to my name so far. (Actually, I have done a lot; among other things, I’ve learned to walk, to dress myself, and have become fluently conversant in the English language… 😉 ) Even if I spent another 10 years or so focusing more exclusively on “education,” that would still leave me with a solid 50 years of a lifework (again, working w/ the theoretical framework of 87…)

I’ve been thinking of my own mortality quite a bit lately – also thinking that’s a natural part of continuing to grow up/grow older.

Also, along these same subject lines, I got a dog! Who is currently an 11-week old puppy. (He’s so much fun. And adorable. And a living being other than myself that I am now responsible to care for – which I think is really, really good for a lot of reasons. Between the dog and the Outback, I’m just a little cabin in the woods and a viable career as a writer away from my own personal version of the American Dream – you know; minus the whole “Liberty & Justice for all” aspect, too.) And someone told me the other day how their lab lived for 17 years…17 years from now would take me into my 40’s…!!

I’m betting that in one’s 40’s, or even more so afterwards, forties don’t actually seem that old…but a year is actually a pretty substantial amount of time when you’re in your twenties, and right now the thought of me being 40 anytime soon does feel kinda incomprehensible.

Everything in its own time, though, eh?

An Elie Wiesel quote that grabbed my attention this morning as I listened to part of a podcast from an interview with him by Krista Tippett back in 2006:

Mankind must remember that peace is not God’s gift to his creatures; peace is our gift to each other.


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