Owen Meany

I just finished what is by far THE best book I’ve read in a really, really long time. Possibly since graduating from college. Maybe I’m just novel-starved. Or maybe it just happens to be an especially apt read for me personally at this time. Whatever it is, I have a feeling A Prayer for Owen Meany will be staying with me for a long time. Definitely a new favorite.

From the review I posted on Goodreads:

All those paperback cliches, “Hilarious and Heartbreaking,” “Moved me to both laughter and tears,” and so forth are totally applicable here. It WAS extremely funny, and cathartic. I cried really hard. …I had almost forgotten a book could make me feel the way this one did! Surprisingly, even the political commentary in “Owen Meany” (about Reagan-era American/Soviet nuclear aggression, and Vietnam War decade of 60’s turmoil) feels especially timely and still highly relevant for our contemporary political scene in the US.

The 617 pages go quickly, and are totally worth it. And if you’re anything like me as a reader of novels/fiction stories (a serial skimmer ahead-er), try to especially resist the temptation to glance ahead with this one!! Even in you do a little bit, it’s still excellent. Extremely well-crafted story.

Highly, highly recommend this phenomenal book.

I really do.

For the Lit nerds, by the way, SO much fodder for some intriguing literary analysis in this novel, too – but for another time, perhaps. By someone else. Think I’ll just hold this story in my heart, and let others analyze away.

Now excuse me while I go recover emotionally. 🙂


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