Be Still: lessons from a farm in South Korea

Just rediscovered this old guest post of mine on Beaver Camp’s blog from waaay back in October 2014, and wanted to put on here.

THE BLOG for Beaver Camp

BEKAH-Moontain “Over and over, Scripture invites us to abide in God. To rest in God. To dwell in God…Activism that matters to the kingdom is always rooted in prayer. If we want to join God in changing the world, the place to begin is on our knees before the cross.” – Common Prayer Pocket Edition: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals (Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove)

“Ooh, where did this come from?” I ask aloud to no one in particular. I get no answer, but I’m not bothered, as it was more of a rhetorical question anyway. I flop down on a stack of bags full of grain–which happen to make remarkably comfortable perches–and start nonchalantly flipping my way through the September issue of The Economist.

It’s in English. Score! Despite living in rural South Korea this year, I have regular access to fairly reliable wifi (in fact, it’s probably more…

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