Unedited stream-of-consciousness grumbling paragraph on being stuck inside in the office on a beautiful spring-like day

Only humans are stupid enough to stay inside a “box” (building) that they’ve built themselves, working themselves into a mind-numbing, soul-killing stupor or boredom and silent fury, just for the sake of not breaking w/ “convention” and continuing to type away at a thing w/ little plastic buttons b/c that somehow “earns their keep” on this world by magically generating some sort of profit to the plastic-hitters by an abstract accumulation of paper to their name that we have arbitrarily assigned value via “buying power.”

It’s gorgeous outside, and outside I’d much rather be.

But, job (not work – don’t want to malign the inherent dignity of work by misusing the word for it here).

I am so quitting my job ASAP (June) and ditching the American career circuit to travel the world. (Though already recognizing it as a sign of my American/white/middle-class/able-bodied, etc. privilege to be able to even consider that as an option.) Or do something else much more life-giving besides this.


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